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Verve – vûrv: noun. Energy and enthusiasm in the expression of style, creativity and living.

[Allan Wills image]Allan Wills

Hi, I’m a full time dreamer. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground kind of guy. And I have to be.

Because as of August, 2012, I’m a parent. And. Kids. Change. Everything.

So the feet on the ground bit is my full time career in advertising and digital innovation. I’m incurably inquisitive and creative, so I love what I do. And it gives me an income to afford a home and make my wife and son happy and secure. Which is ace.

However, the head in the clouds bit is why you’re here. The Verve Life is an online magazine for full time parents who remain full time dreamers.

Here you will find articles, photography and videos about… well, a lot really. Product reviews, photography I shoot, videos I make about being a parent and creative ways to approach it as well as… well, a lot really.

So enjoy, comment, drop me a line or even participate.

Because becoming a parent is the beginning of a new dream and the biggest excuse to live with child like curiosity.

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Disclaimer about product reviews

The Verve Life, its authors and contributors are not paid by companies for any reviews or comments. We will happily receive press packs, review products, experiences, etc relevant to The Verve Life, just get in touch here. Any subsequent articles will be disclosed accordingly.