Bringing Our Spare Room Back To Life | Video (1:26)

Since giving our living room a whole new look (click here to watch that), our next project was to bring our dingy spare room to life.

In our view, there were two major problems with the spare room in our house; one cosmetic, one structural. The cosmetic was the dotted blue wallpaper being, well, awful and surrounded by equally dingy cream walls. The structural element was the face that the blue dotted wallpaper was actually retaining moisture, making that wall visibly sweat and cause ongoing damp damage to our property.

Sweaty wall paper

Your eyes do not deceive you; the ugly blue wallpaper is sweating and causing damp damage. It had to go.

Here’s how we re-invigorated the spare room:

Can’t see this video? Watch on YouTube →

The paint we used: Sail White Silk Emulsion






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