The Crime Scene | Baby Walking

So our son is getting better at walking. Well, “doddling” is more like it. Or “pattering” perhaps. But he does it fast!

Running milo crime scene

So fast that if you take your eyes off him for one moment, anything can happen. It’s like that rule about catching a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow: never let him out of sight or he disappears.

The other day I went grocery shopping and put my son down in the aisle. I consulted my shopping list for a second, and when I looked back up he had un-shelved half a dozen fabric softeners.

I got a dirty look from a passing security guard, but assured him with my body language that order would be restored.

When I asked my 14-month old to stop, he scarpered – and I managed to get the image above.

I then posted the image on Facebook with the following message:

Rare sighting; CCTV footage from Sainsburys of an unknown suspect fleeing the scene of the crime. Apparently DNA evidence collected at the scene suggests he might belong to Claire and I, so we’re going on Jeremy Kyle to plead our case to the British public and hopefully get Super Nanny to come sort out our domestic problems… because we all know reality TV solves real life strife. Innit…

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