DIY in Stop Motion | Videos (0:12 and 0:24)

Recently I bought a remote trigger for my DSLR camera so I could fire the shutter remotely. One of the features is setting intervals – a setting that allows stop motion (a.k.a stop down and time lapse) photography.

Remote DSLR trigger

Daddy’s got a new toy: a remote trigger for his DSLR.

Remote DSLR trigger

There is a feature on the remote trigger to set up interval shooting, which makes stop-frame photography easy to setup, walk away from and do time lapse.

So for an experiment one day while in the throes of DIY, I placed my camera on a tripod, attached the remote trigger, punched in an interval and then stitched all the photos together in Quicktime at 15 frames per second. Here are the results:

Putting up new shelves in the shed

[VIDEO] New shelves in a cluttered shed from Allan Wills on Vimeo.

Trimming the garden

[VIDEO] Time lapse – Trimming the garden from Allan Wills on Vimeo.

Might have to do more of this! Stop motion is fun.