London Symmetry | Photography

This photo comes from the streets of King’s Cross, London, and really demonstrates a point about photography; symmetry is very important, but timing is EVERYTHING.

London Symmetry | Photography

Recently I wrote about the importance of being technically proficient with your camera (click here to see that) as well as the importance of composition – but also that one should never come at the expense of the other.

I couldn’t go professional on this shot. I had an iPhone and about 5 seconds before the scene changed.

Consider the photo above. I was walking to work one morning when I suddenly noticed these London double decker buses in perfect alignment and perfectly spaced. Given how busy they are, and how often they move, I had seconds to get this shot.

But I didn’t have my pro camera on me. So I whipped out my iPhone.

Usually I take awhile to setup a shot. I make sure the exposure settings are right, the framing, the context, the idea. But not this time. This time I aimed, tapped the screen to focus, and then snapped the pic. Seconds after this was captured, the buses moved.

I really like this picture because of the symmetry. I posted it on Facebook and got a great reaction – people loved the shot. And that’s what photography should do; make you think.

It also felt like a great start to my day; as if it were a sign that everything would “line up”. And when photography causes people to have better days, it’s just awesome.

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