Macro Ladybug | Photography

One fine spring day, while we were visiting friend, I snapped this macro shot of a Ladybug on a leaf. Now here’s the thing; I don’t own a macro lens.

Macro Ladybug | Photography

So I had to improvise to get this shot; to scale down to Ladybug world, a bit like Honey I Shrunk The Kids meets MacGyver. That ladybug wasn’t going to sit still forever, so I had to move fast and use what I had on me in that moment.

As it happened, I had a 50mm prime lens mounted on my camera. And here’s a trick: if you reverse mount the 50mm lens (that is to say, put it on your camera body back-to-front), it becomes a macro lens. Presto.

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50mm lens reveresed macro

This is how to “create” a macro lens: reverse mount a 50mm lens onto the body. (Photo from DP-Challenge).

And the results speak for themselves; look at the minute detail in the leaf Ladybug is on – the stems look like little rivers, the fuzz on the surface pops (and must tickle her feet), and Ladybug’s shell is in full of vibrant detail.

I love shooting macro shots because of how much detail they reveal that we never see with our naked eye. It’s like hidden treasure every time you shoot macro – seeing a world you would never otherwise know; a world which small creatures inhabit everyday in minute detail. It puts a lot of things into perspective.

And if you know the 50mm lens reverse trick, you can always be ready to go into the macro world without having to buy an expensive macro lens. Make something small big. It’s a simple – yet powerful – concept.

Here are some other macro shots from my portfolio:

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