True Character | Photography

This photo is all about character. And this week’s post will be short, and sweet.

Because I want you to think, fast. Don’t think hard, or contemplate for long, just think FAST. Blink. Think.

Why do you like this photo?


True Character | Photography

In my opinion, it’s because this photo has character. When I took this shot, it happened so fast that I didn’t even really adjust my camera. I was in the back seat of a car moving though a safari park. I saw the scene, raised the camera up and fired the shutter. Right after, the subject scarfed the carrot and the scene was gone. Had I been a second later, this shot would never exist.

Immortalising a character in a photo is a great feeling. So be “hair-trigger” ready with your camera.

And photography is often like that; you need hair trigger reactions. Or you miss key moments. And that means you could miss out on immortalising characters in scenes.

This shot is of an animal that looks like he’s smoking a carrot. And shooting us a suave, surely look. And the etching on the car window overlays his carrot, adding another layer of intrigue to the shot. He’s got character, and I managed to snap it. It’s the best feeling when that happens.

In a small way, this photo makes me think of the “smooth character” Joe Camel – from Camel cigarettes. Only my photo is Joe in an alternate universe; if he was healthy and swapped carrots for cigarettes. And wasn’t a camel. And lived in a drive through safari (instead of in a cancer ward).

Joe camel smooth character

But maybe you didn’t see all that in your snap vision of this photo. Please comment below to tell me what you think of when you see this photo? (I mean my photo above, not Joe Camel.)

And meantime, keep your camera up!

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