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It’s been part of my photographic arsenal for some time now, but is the GoPro camera all it’s cracked up to be? Let’s look at the pros and cons in this product review.

VIDEO: GoPro Camera Product Review (2:51)

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In brief…


  • Very small and portable, and pumps out high definition 1080p photos and videos that look amazing on big screens.
  • Great modes: shoot video, shoot stills, shoot stills in bursts and setup time release for stop motion goodness.
  • Lots of creative accessories.
  • If you have a smart phone or tablet, the GoPro app is a perfect companion. You can use it to preview what the camera sees, playback what you’ve filmed and change or settings and trigger shooting.

(NB: There are cons to using a GoPro, but they are REALLY minor… overall, the GoPro is an awesome piece of kit and a great companion to photographers and movie makers of all levels and skill).

  • When using the GoPro app on your smartphone or tablet and syncing with the camera using in-camera wifi, the preview is 4-5 sec delayed, so not real-time
  • The GoPro battery charger is a separate purchase, so without it charging the battery involves using the USB cable and camera body itself. Given one battery lasts 2.5 hours, this is not an scenario for long days out.
  • There are no manual control over exposure settings, so this is really a point-and-shoot level camera.
  • The GoPro doesn’t always work well in low light situations, often creating a lot of pixel noise in a struggle to render darker shadows.

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  • Dino says:

    The other ‘not so great’ thing about a GoPro is that they can only save files up to 2gb in size. In reality, that’s about 20 minutes. So a 35min cycle ride is saved as 2 files which you need to manually stitch together.

    And they don’t come with the memory card, so factor that into the price.

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