The Making Of: Gameification of
London Transport (Scooter Level)

Part III of the Gameification of London Transport series was the most ambitious yet in terms of shooting and production. You may have noticed the new “POV change” I introduced into the theme.

POV change icon

Here is a peek “behind the wizard’s curtain” to see how I captured all the angles on my GoPro.

Angle 1: Over the shoulder POV

Over the shoulder POV
This was the hardest angle to capture simply because I built my own little DIY rig for it. After having built a shed in my backyard, I had some offcuts of wood. I then:

    1) Roughly measured a space that would hold the base of a selfie stick, then stacked the outcuts of wood around that space and drilled them together (two screws) with the selfie stick in the middle so it would have a solid base.
    Rig 1
    Rig 2
    2) Using bungee cord, cable ties and duct (“gaffer”) tape, I fastened the base holding the selfie stick to the rack on the back of my scooter.
    Rig 4
    3) Firmly secured, I put the GoPro on the selfie stick and used the GoPro iPhone app to preview the POV and adjust accordingly. It gave me the angle I desired.

Rig 5

Angle 2: Over the handlebar POV

Over the handlebar POV
By contrast, the next angle I shot was really easy. I simply borrowed a GoPro chest strap from a friend and mounted the camera on it. I used the GoPro iPhone app to preview and adjust the angle, then just started rolling.
Chest strap

Angle 3: Pilot facing mid-shot POV

Mid-view 2

Mid-view 3

Mid-view 4
Borrowing a suction cup that has a GoPro mount, I fastened the suction cup to the front of the scooter, attached the selfie stick, then mounted the GoPro facing backwards at various heights to capture several angles.
Mid-view 1

Angle 4: Low flank POV

Low view 4

Low view 3
Again using the suction cup, this time without the selfie stick, I attached the GoPro at various low points to get some cool “low” shots.
Low view 2

Low view 1

Angle 5: the upshot POV

Upshot view 2
As an experiment, I placed the suction cup on the wheel cover of my front wheel, and was delighted with the unique POV it gave me.
Upshot view 1

The result: Gameifying London Transport Part III – “Level up” | Video (5:26)

Can’t see this video? Click here to watch on YouTube →

By the way…

The back of my helmet looks like the sadder, fatter cousin of Ironman.
Helmet ironman

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