My Obsession With Knobs (…and Hangers)

Every now and then I can get obsessed with a theme. It happens. My 16 month old son does it all the time. For me, it all started innocently enough one day when I spotted this image posted on Facebook:

Drunk octopus

The photo that I saw on Facebook that started it all…

The caption read: “It gets funnier the longer you look at it.”

So true. Try to look away. Then look back. It gets better every time.

Like a host to a virus, I was unaware. Drunken octopus had seared into my sub conscious. Obsession had taken root.

One morning I happened to look a little deeper at a child-proof catch I had drilled into my kitchen cabinet. And I started laughing. Moments later Facebook received the following inspired upload:

Horney elephant

Today I found a happy, horney elephant in my cupboard…

Then, whilst re-painting our spare bedroom, I took some hanging clothes off some pegs on the back of the door.

Ok, so there were paint fumes involved, I admit it, but I almost literally fell on my ass when I realised that we had TWO drunk Octopuses (Octupi?) in our house and I HAD to post that up on Facebook:

Two Octopuses

It’s been a bit of a slippery slope around my house since then;

Acne nose

Runny nose

Windy nose

Hammer head

My wife says I’m obsessed with knobs.

It will pass… I hope…

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