Baby vs Siri – Audio Recognition Hilarity

We all know that this generation of children are “digital natives”, growing up with technology embedded in their cerebral cortexes.

Baby vs Siri

This is not my son. It’s just for illustrative purposes.

At 14 months of age, our son Milo (not pictured, that is a random baby off Google) can functionally use my iPhone.

Just today he figured out how to activate Siri (Apple’s voice recognition) , but he can’t form full words himself yet. Hilarity ensues. A snippet:

Siri: “[Activation beep] Good morning, sunshine.”

Milo: “Bah.”

S: “Sorry, I did not understand.”

M: “Do do, doh dubba bah.”

S: “I’m sorry, can you say that again?”

M: “Bebebebebebebe!”

S: “Let be find that for you [opens a search for ‘bee’, but before results are in…]”

M: “[Ear shattering high pitched scream]”

S: “[De-activation beep]”

I think somewhere in Cupertino, CA, an error log was quietly submitted to Apple via the iCloud interwebs.

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