Big Decision: Changing Jobs

I made a huge decision when Claire was 7.5 months pregnant: I changed jobs, despite the fact that our baby was due in just over six weeks and there might be consequences. It wasn’t an easy decision, but life happens when you’re making plans.

Changing jobs

And it wasn’t all meant to happen the way it did, but life is like that too.

When I began to talk to Claire about changing my career, we (classically) weighed up the pros and cons. At the time, it was all very academic; I wasn’t actually looking for a new job (especially since baby was coming), I was just loosely thinking out loud about a new challenge – possibly something to explore more fully a few months after baby arrived and we had settled him in a bit.

To be honest, I was content where I was; I was on a good salary, had two years service under my belt with the associated benefits (holiday, flexi-time, fully paid parenting leave, etc.), I worked with a great team and had established relationships.

Timing isn’t always on your side. But if you follow your gut, sometimes calculated risks work out well.

So everything was humming along. I was content, but also itchy for a new challenge whilst also wary that perhaps it wasn’t the right “time”, especially since Claire would go onto maternity leave and I would become the majority bread winner in our home very shortly.

The thought had entered my head that when you start a new job it is just like having a new baby; there is an adjustment period, you can feel overwhelmed, out of your depth, ignorant and you have to start fresh on so many levels. Why juggle both at the same time?

Then one day I just got a feeling in my gut that I needed to move on from my current job. In life I’ve always trusted my instinct, and despite there being a lot of risks involved in moving on, I resigned and started looking for that new challenge. I did it with Claire’s blessing.

It was a tumultuous couple of weeks as I worked my notice period as well as fit job interviews in before and after work. I got really close to getting one role I wanted, only not to get it. But in the end, almost last minute, I found just the challenge I was looking for and accepted the offer. What is more, the new office is only a 15 minute walk from home, so you can imagine how well that worked out with having a baby and needing to be close.

I could of stayed put, I could have been risk adverse, I could have ignored the itch but I didn’t and I’m glad. After all, I need to set an example for the next generation; always follow your gut, sometimes calculated risks work out well.



  • Wow!, you’ve got some serious cahones to pull a move like this, I’ve been contemplating the same thing for the last 2 years. Like you I like my current job, it pays well but I’ve got this urge to strike it out on my own.. maybe your descision will inspire me to do so in the near future.

    Looking forward to further readings on The Verve Life

    • Allan Wills says:

      Hey Dan, there is never a “right time”. And what is more, after I left, the place went under, so my gut was right. Trust the gut!

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